Joe & Valerie Kozimor live in a solar heated home in Aztec, New Mexico. We had almost completed our home construction before we decided to add the solar components. After talking to different plumbers about solar installations, we discovered that none had a complete system to offer and they didn't know what to tell us to put into our house to prepare for the solar hot water. While searching the internet for solar heating information, we found King Solar from Oregon. They led us to Ken Valdez, Sun King Solar in Grants, New Mexico. Ken gave us the information and material that we needed to construct our system. Since then, we have partnered with Stan and Jacque Kozimor to purchased the franchise for Radco Solar panels, drain back systems, and other King Solar products.

We stock all solar system related parts in Farmington, NM and in Aztec, NM. We gladly offer advice to anyone interested in our products and are dedicated to promoting solar heat in homes and businesses.

Feel free to call me, Joe Kozimor, at 505-564-2271 to discuss your questions about hot water solar.   Email Joe@KingSunSolar.com

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